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Little Chefs

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Last night our 10 little chefs showed off their cooking skills by making some delicious cheese and chive puffs!

We started by mixing ingredients together in a big bowl … which always get messy … and is their favourite bit for exactly that reason! Then we grated the cheese in special winding graters and chopped up some chives after spending quite some time convincing the kids that it wasn’t grass ha ha.

When all the ingredients were added we made put little bite sized portions on baking trays and put them in the oven, excited to see what they would taste like! While the puffs were puffing we had some other activities for our little chefs … the first was onion tasting. We learned about some different types of onions … and tasted them too … creating some of the most interesting facial expressions ever! Then we played a game to illustrate how germs can be passed and to promote food hygiene which involved shaking hands along a line and seeing how much glitter passes from the first person to the last person in the line! I think it is safe to say our little chefs will be keen to wash their hands before meals from now on!

We ended on a quick quiz about food helping our kids to learn more about where their food comes from, different types of healthy food and how it can be grown before getting to taste our yummy food! It is great to see kids getting excited (despite not getting to make chocolate cake), what a difference when they are involved in the process of making something from scratch! Well done to them all!

Courtney Earns Playmaker Award

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As you all know some of our wonderful kids have been developing good leadership skills, including planning sessions, delivering sessions and using feedback in a constructive way to develop skills and earn their playmaker award! Last night it was Courtney’s turn to shine and she did a great job!

Courtney gathered all the equipment she would need for her game and then she split the group into 2 teams. She explained the rules of the games which were:

In teams of 5, start at one end of the pitch, throw the ball to a team member who must be ahead of you and continue with this until your team makes it to the other end of the pitch. If the ball is dropped then the team must go back to the start.

This game was great fun, well organised, promoted both teamwork and competitiveness and was fast paced, exciting and hilarious!

Courtney then did very well asking for and responding to feedback on the game which was all positive! Well done Courtney, you will make an excellent leader 🙂

Zak McNee – My Work Experience Week!

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My Week at Work Experience

This week at Beith Trust has been great, I have learned a whole load of new skills e.g. how to update and schedule a website, how to use WordPress. I have had a chance to see what a local business workplace is like. I have enjoyed the whole time, the people that I have been working with have been so kind and funny.

The Beginning (Day 1)

On the first day I was introduced to the team; Alex the one that has the dogs, Jane the Boss, Amy the receptionist, Jonny the Computer Whiz, Lisa the Project worker and Claire the Graphics and slave master. Furthermore I wrote a blog and uploaded it to Beith Astro, I scheduled some advertising posters on the Beith Astro Facebook page.

Day 2

On the second day I interviewed a member of staff, Mark Gray about his job in Beith Astro, I made a blog and posted it on Beith Trust’s website. Also I scheduled more things for Beith Astro’s Facebook page.

Day 3

On the third day I added new information and a new page to the Beith Astro website. I also added some scheduling on the Facebook page

Out and ABOUT Day (day 4)

On the second last day I was set with the task of going round the local shops asking if they knew any facts about Beith. I got really good feed back form the locals and they where all willing to participate.

The Last Day (day 5)

On the last day I wrote this blog. I also uploaded it to the Beith Trust page.

Work Experience Week – Livia Amzu

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Work Experience Week


This week, “Work Experience Week”, I joined Beith Community Development Trust and Beith Astro. I’ve enjoyed it very much because, everyday I had different challenging tasks to do and I managed to do them very successfully and put my effort in everything that I’ve created and wrote for blogs, articles , interviews, website updating, schedule, community calendar, mail chimp and also a short movie presenting the Girls Football where are some pictures and shots from their warm up and in the end, their wonderful game which was a really good match.

In this week I also learnt a lot of new staff together with Claire, Jonny, Alex, Amy and Lisa who helped me every time and tough me to do interesting things on PC, which were new for me, and now I can manage to do all the stuff that I wasn’t able to do them when I came here.

For me the most challenging task that I had to do was to take an interview of Amy and try to get some information about her work. Firstly I had to make up some questions for Amy’s work and once I got the answers and the information that I needed,   I had to make a blog and write as much as I can about Amy’s work and her opinion about it. We had a nice and enjoyable conversation that also made me to understand what she is actually doing and preparing for her SVQ work.

I also enjoyed when I went outside with Zack – the other student that joined the work experience in the same week as me, and walked together along Beith and ask people questions about “ Which is the most interesting fact about Beith?”.

We received some interesting answers from people with a lot of historical knowledge and find out a lot of fascinating facts about Beith. I’m very glad that I met these people and gave us sufficient information that we needed.

I had a great time together with all the staff from Beith Trust and made to appreciate their hard work and their effort for people who want to do some exercise, sport, take some lessons of cooking, encourage people to do parties and enjoy their day together with neighbours and a lot of remarkable ideas and plans for people future.

I’m glad that I applied to Beith Trust ,because it was a nice experience for me and let me to see how is to work and prepare  me for  the future that it might be similar to this work.

I want to thanks to everybody for their warm welcome and their kind and nice manners that made me to feel that I’m part of their big family and made me to feel very comfortable and relaxed, and this week to be a part of my memory.

Thank you very much again guys for your kindness and I wish you a lot of success in your work and hope you will have a great and wonderful future! J

Cubs Earning Environmental Conservation Badge

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cubs environment badgeBeith trust had lots of special wee helpers here last night from the cubs earning their environmental badge. The session began with a quiz which involved the cubs running to the area which represented different answers to a question about our planet.  The kids were asked things like ‘is the earth getting hotter or colder’ and what contributes more to global warming, walking to the shops or watching TV’. Impressively many of the kids got every answer right, though it was funny to watch some kids however between both sides because they didn’t want to commit to an answer.

Next, the cubs got into their high vis vests and were split into teams to do a litter pick … and I don’t think I have ever seen anyone as excited about litter before he he. Both teams did a great job … but that wasn’t the challenge over! … Next we had a challenge between 3 teams to see who could separate rubbish into piles ready to go into the correct bins, choosing from normal bin, recycling bin and brown bin … a challenge which caused lots of great discussion and great answers!

To meet another criterion for the badge the cubs helped us with our garden by taking on a big weeding challenge! This involved differentiating between plants and weeds and disposing of weeds in our compost area … and also involved a lot of getting mucky!

We ended by splitting the cubs into 3 separate teams and we held our eco election where the 3 groups created policies and took to the stage to present their ideas on how to make the planet a better place. The electorate (the cub leaders). Group 1 were voted for in an overwhelming majority due to their policies like reducing CO2 emissions through driving less, putting more solar panels in buildings and developing systems to prevent littering. I hope the newly elected ‘planet protectors’ can push these policies through and make the change we are all hoping for!

Soup Group Fun in the Sun

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Soup group was blessed with glorious sunshine again last night which put everyone in good spirits. We started by tackling a very relevant issue for kids of this age … bullying through a game called ‘lend a hand’ where each child is given a scenario and the others offer to lend a hand by providing a possible solution. We covered some of the main reasons for bullying including race, class and disability and I was very impressed by how open minded our kids are and how progressive their thinking is on this subject, giving answers like “tell someone you trust” and “include the person being bullied in you group of friends so they are not lonely”, lovely to hear.

Next we had a search across the whole outdoor area for some hidden clues that spelt out a 10 letter sentence … it was neck and neck with both teams demonstrating brilliant cooperative working to eventually spell out “we love soup” … but they hadn’t quite worked up an appetite for the campfire yet … so next on the agenda was football, races, the cooperative stand up in pairs and in a group, which I think actually resulted in more cooperative falling down he he! And since everyone was on the floor already we had each child arrange the others into a giant shape … though I think we made some shapes up which we will have to add to the mathematicians’ lists J

The session ended with delicious soup made by Papa Lees, thanks very much!!! … and some marshmallow toasting which is always a favourite J



Mark’s Marvellous Mind – Mark Gray’s Blog

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Today I had the pleasure of speaking with the Beith Trust’s Sport Development Instructor, Mark Gray, he has been a dedicated member of Beith Trust for the last year. Mark said that he loves working in Beith Trust because of the people that work in the offices and the people that come into coach. He also loves working in Beith Trust because he gets to work with the local community and meet new people every day. Mark’s favourite things about Beith Trust is the staff because they are the ones that keep him entertained during the day when he is not coaching.

I was wondering what plans mark had for the future involving Beith Trust. He said that he was planning on starting some new and existing clubs; Multisport that will include various different sports, Netball and Family Fun Friday that will involve the whole family in a range of fun and active activities. Furthermore I asked mark about his sporting background and he replied by saying he used to play for a Linwood football team he also used to manage a team in Linwood and go running to keep fit.

Mark coaches or helps with the Majority of sports and activates held within Beith Trust. He helps with Astro Balls, Girls Football, Astro Parties Astro Tots, Disability Football, The play Scheme Club, Summer Sunday Sessions, Walking Football, Footie Five and Breakfast Club.



Amy SVQ’s work

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Amy SVQ’s work


Her SVQ work is about business admin, word documents, banking, answering the phone and taking bookings for example, if somebody phones, she will make sure that the person is booked in for what he/she wished for (e.g. football) and she can check the relevant information that the person requires.

When she is writing, it motivates her that she knows she will finish soon and as quick as she can. She started as a volunteer and then moved on to sessional work, which directed her to one day a week working and after doing an extremely good work moved on to a full time  position.

Most of the information that she achieved and presented in her SVQ came from her common sense, she kind of knew the question and most of it was stuff she already knew.

Lorraine gives her stuff to do for next week, prepares her for what she will have to do and makes sure Amy knows what she will be working on the following week.

All her work and writing, also improved her skills on data bases, how to do invoices and banking and how to use Microsoft.

Right now she in working on finishing Level 3, which takes 3 months to do it , if you work quickly, and 9 months for most of the people. After she finishes her SVQ, she hopes that she will pass to the next level, a higher level which  will give her more work to do, but also she will be more satisfied and proud of her work because she reached Level 4.

When she started to do the SVQ she felt confident and sure. She also felt the pressure and got stressed when she had a deadline  with a lot of work, sometimes work which needed to be finished for the next day.

She is pretty proud that she managed to do the work in 3 months, she was happy and confident when she started it and now she is very pleased that she will finally finish it and go to the next challenging , Level 4.

I’m very happy and pleased that I’ve found out what Amy is doing and how she is enjoying it. It was a pleasure to have a conversation with her and also I’ve found out some interesting things about her work and also her future stuff. I wish her good luck in her career and she should never give up at what she is doing, because she is really good and has the ambition that allows  her to be motivated and always to believe in herself and her dreams because, I’m sure  she will have a great future.10345579_10203814500058606_636801869962581218_n 11126737_10205697764499040_7777238012172820736_n(1)

My first day of Work Experience – Livia Amzu

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This week I started work experience at Beith Community Development Trust it has only been my first day and I have already enjoyed it so much! I have created a blog and wrote some information about our new activities that children can get involved in and use their imagination during the lessons. It is a pleasure to write and announce new activities in our area that will stir interest and make people curious about new events.

The Beith Community Development Trust allows me to communicate and collaborate with interesting people that guide me to the right path. Also my vocabulary will improve a lot by writing about new events and will hep me understand that if you like your job, what you are writing and doing is coming from your passion and dedication, being a relaxing and not stressed work.

Beith Astro’s Ultimate Construction Team

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I had the great honor of speaking to the three musketeers of construction, Ross, Stuart and Sean who are working as facility assistants for Beith Community Development Trust. I wanted to learn a bit about the guys and see how they have enjoyed their experience here. Ross aged 17 has been working here for a year, Stuart aged 20 has recently gained employment after all the hard work he did here volunteering for the Prince’s Trust and 15 year old Sean who just started his first day of volunteering today.

Ross, Stuart and Sean have been tasked with building a sheltered hut on the incline at the back of grounds for children to hide from the bad weather during the rain and to be enjoyed by all visitors of the Trust. The hut is coming along fantastically, the main structure is already built, been painted, and they have already started decorating the inside of the hut. I asked Stuart and Ross what they were getting out of this activity and if they had learned any new skills. Ross and Stuart agreed that one of the best aspects of their role was the fact that they get to work outside in the fresh air. Stuart told me “I never knew any of these skills before I started here” referring to the building and carpentry skills he has acquired while here, he told me that they will be great for his future career and will “help get a foot in the door of employment”. Ross agreed that he has learned a lot of useful skills and he gets a great sense of achievement from his works and loves to build things.

Ross and Stuart have met lots of new people from the local community since they started here and said it has been a very positive experience, they said that they feel more like a part a of the community since they started working here. It’s Sean’s first day and he’s still learning the ropes but he’s optimistic for the future and has already learned everyone’s name!

These guys are great addition to the Beith Trust team and brighten everyone’s day with their cheery demeanor and affinity to tea making!



Shortlisted for the Sports Leaders UK Young Leadership Trophy

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Beith Trust have been shortlisted for the Sports Leaders UK Young Leadership Trophy which will be presented at their annual ceremony, Give More. Become More at the House of Lords.

Sports Leaders UK are celebrating the success of organisations who promote Sports Leadership by awarding the Young Leadership Award. They will be recognising the work of young sports leaders nationwide and the successes of their Leadership Academy programme.

To apply for these awards we had to create a video showcasing the hard work and efforts of all of our young sports leaders – click here to view the video.

Here at Beith Trust we have provided volunteering opportunities for home grown community sports leader participants by running a football tournament, the Corey cup which brings together children from across the Garnock valley, running the anti-sectarian festival and putting on summer and Easter sports activity camps.

All the young leaders involved felt like they learned how to work together in a team but also be a leader in their own right, they learned how to keep the attention of a group of children with fun and engaging activities.

Sean, 17 says “Sports leader has helped me to get a job as it showed me leadership skills and has enabled me to coach other teams at Beith Development Trust”

We are delighted to be in the final for the Sports Leader Award it would not be possible without all the young leaders and our coaches from the Garnock Valley and the wider region.

Mums Save the Planet

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Recently we were lucky enough to spend the afternoon with some mums and toddlers in our local community centre discussing different ways to reduce food waste. Why do we care so much about this? As these wonderful mums will tell you, it is beneficial to shop smart and store our food in smart ways because it saves time, money … and the planet. Win win!

So what can you do at home?

  1. You can buy seasonal food which reduces the air miles travelled from farm to plate
  2. You can select packaging that helps keep your food fresher for longer
  3. You can calculate your perfect portions to prevent making too much (this can be done at )
  4. Know your supermarket labels, remember food CAN be eaten past the best before date
  5. Store food appropriately and make use of the fridge and freezer to keep food fresher for longer

One of the best bits about the afternoon was hearing the mums come up with some delicious and creative meals from the list of ‘leftovers’ we gave them such as pizzas, stews, risottos, curry and more! We were really inspired by some of the ideas everyone came up with and it was so nice to see so many people actively engaged in this topic. Who wouldn’t want to save up to £700 per year whilst creating a greener world … and making more time to spend with each other rather than in the kitchen!

Soup Group Stars Serena and Kaleb Achieve Play Maker Award

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At Soup Group we have given the kids have been given a brilliant opportunity to put in an hour a week for a 6 week course called the Play Maker Award. This gives them the opportunity to develop their social skills and leadership qualities while working towards a Sports Leader Qualification which they can use in the future. Each week they take part in activities that will help them realize what skills they need to be an effective leader, learn to plan activities, reflect and analyze which activities are best for learning specific skills. At the end of the 6 week course each participant must create an activity or game, present it to a group of their peers and lead the group during the game/activity. Recently long time Soup Group goers Serena and Kaleb finished their 6 week course and achieved the Play Maker Award, both Kaleb and Serena came up with excellent activities which all the other kids at soup group loved!

Kaleb’s game focused more on communication, improving motor skills and developing commonality with the rest of the group. The game involved passing a football around the group contingent on telling the rest of the group their likes and dislikes, everyone had a great time and it was a great bonding experience for the group.

Serena created a game based around developing physical skills such as balance and co-ordination, following instructions and teamwork. It involved a relay race based game where two teams would have to run a relay race but each point where the baton was to passed on there was station where various activities had to be completed before continuing with the race.

Each child displayed great organizational, communication and leadership skills, we are very confident that the skills developed during the achievement of this award will be put to excellent use by these bright young people!



Band Factory Super Star Abigail

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IMG_0139 (2)Recently I had the chance to speak to Abigail, a music super star who attended the 2015 Band Factory. She is currently finishing the work on her port folio where she did amazing things like visit the dance crew “Diversity”. I asked her about her time at band factory and what she learned and enjoyed from the experience. Abigail learned how to play the snare drum along with a rock and roll beat to play on it. On top of the snare drum Abigail can also play the Cajón drum, the clarinet and takes private piano lessons.

This is the second band factory hosted by Beith Trust that Abigail has came to, after the first one she told her mum “I just want to play gigs all the time” a worrying thing for any parent to hear but fantastic to hear that she is so musically inspired! This year I asked if she felt the same way, she told me “yeah, I can’t wait to come back next year”.

It’s good to know that young people are taking an interest in music and more artistic hobbies like learning how to play an instrument. Music is a big part of social development and culture and we should cherish and implore our youth to take and interest. “Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it a rest, heals the heart and makes it whole, flows from heaven to the soul.” – Unknown

By Jonny Carruthers

Beith Trust Invited by SPGD to Give Speech on Soup Group

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Recently Beith Trust was invited by University West of Scotland to give a presentation at “What’s Love Got to Do with It?” an event held by SPDN (Social Pedagogy Development Network) at the Edinburgh Conference Centre about Soup Group.

Soup group is a local playgroup where children can come on a Wednesday night to socialize and play with other children in their age group. During soup group children take part in fun games, activities, make crafts, then we all sit round the camp fire and eat soup before getting in some more play time before hang to go home.

Participants at the event were very enthusiastic about Soup Group and it’s social impact and many participates described Soup Group as “Inspirational”. A lot of positive attention for Beith Trust and other organizations who strive to emulate similar activities.

Mini Gardeners Down at the Trust!

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We had a lovely morning with some very happy children having fun in our sunny garden! We spent some time in our polytunnel learning about different vegetables, meeting some of the creepy crawlies that help protect our plants and learning what plants need to be able to grow big and strong! We all had some time to help thin the lettuces and plant our own individual lettuce so we can look after them watch them grow over the next few months … then we get to taste how delicious they are! Well done to everyone for getting their hands dirty today!

Soup Group in the Sunshine

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Great fun at soup group last night! We all made the most of the sunshine by playing some games on the pitches. One of the games involved good observation skills and good team work which we realised doesn’t always mean developing a strategy but is sometimes more about being connected and aware within our team. Then, since everyone was feeling so happy and summery we started making an arts board explaining all of the things that make us smile! It will be up for you all to see soon!! We also went a bit crazy with the face paints and had some butterflies and vampires joining in our game of hide and seek afterwards 🙂 We also enjoyed some lovely soup and thanks to our wonderful volunteer Alex for bringing some goodies for us to enjoy too.


Prince’s Trust Fun Day!

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We have the pleasure of having the Prince’s Trust volunteers back at the Astro for their end of course fun day. At the end of their course they were required to have a fun day and they asked us if they could hold it here, of course we were more than happy to oblige!

It’s great to have the volunteers back to have some fun with the local community after all of the hard work they put in down at the Trust. There are lots of activities for everyone to take part in, the bouncy castle is out, giant board games, bowling, beat the keeper and lots of other activities to take part in. The sun is out and everyone is having a great time, so thank you again to the Prince’s Trust volunteers for all your hard work and good company.




Beith Astro’s Easter Play Scheme is a Big Hit!

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So we are just starting our second week of the Easter play scheme and after a very successful and busy first week the kids are back down at the Astro! Unfortunately the weather is a bit colder than we would like today but that’s not going to stop us! We spent a bit more time doing inside activities because of the rubbish weather starting of the day in the new eco-lodge playing some fun games like hot potato, pass the hoop, Chinese whispers, crafting daisy chains and coloring in.

After that we had everyone get ready to play some dodge-ball outside on the Astro. After attacking each other with rubber balls it was time for everyone to have a break and grab some food. We had the tv and video games set up to keep everyone occupied while they were inside hiding away from the bad weather.

A great start to the second week of the Easter Play Scheme, the Astro is buzzing with energy and everyone is having a good time! If you would like to get involved please don’t hesitate to get in touch!



Beith Trust Band Factory returns

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The super awesome talent production line that is BAND FACTORY returns to the Garnock Valley this week.

Beith Trust brings together talented young  musicians, singers and songwriters from all over the Garnock Valley and far flung places like Kilwinning  to join up with the amazing Model x Media  for a week of intensive work that will produce top quality performances in a one off gig this Saturday night, 11th April 2015, upstairs at Garnock Valley Health and Fitness Club

As usual for Day 1, folk were a bit nervous but keen to get started, the crew from Model x Media  got everyone organised and down to work.

Last years Band Factory set the bar very high with their extraordinary performances at The Eglinton Inn in the autumn, check them out Beith Trust You Tube Channel 

For more information check out Beith Trust 

Easter Sunday Funday at The Saracen Head Hotel

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Easter Sunday got off to a cracking start today at The Saracen Head Hotel, 10 – 12 Eglinton St, Beith,  who kindly hosted an Easter Streetmeet for local children and families.

Children and familes who came along were  treated to tea & toast before they got practicing with  lots of different arts and crafts materials and then started to decorate their very own Easter Eggs.  The kids spent a lot of time an effort creating their cheerfully decorated colourful eggs.


Even the Bellsdale Badger popped in for a visit and helped out with the egg decorating.


Lots of very happy children and families left The Saracens Head at lunchtime all set to roll their eggs up the Bigholm just as the sun came out,   hopefully they went on to have a great time with their eggs and treats.

A big well done to The Saracen Head Hotel for their kindness and generosity this Easter Sunday.


If you would like to host your very own Streetmeet for a community get together, get in touch with Beith Trust who will help organise something special for you

For more pictures check out our facebook albums 


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