Beith Cycles

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Sunday 12th March 11AM — 2PMSunday 12th March 11AM — 2PM Geilsland school, Beith KA15 1HD

Beith cycles is a new initative to encourage the people of Beith to get on their bikes! We want to find out what improvements you think could be made to support cycling and active travel in the area. The goal is to encourage people of all ages and abilities to travel by bike so come along, grab a burger and have your say!

  • Bouncy castle
  • Electric bikes
  • Balance bikes
  • cycle games
  • free bike MOT’S

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The Romance of the Cup by William Morton

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This Sunday the 29th of May 2016 history will be made in more ways than one as Beith Juniors play Pollock FC in the ETHX Scottish Junior Cup Final at Kilmarnock FC’s ground Rugby Park. This is Beith’s first junior Cup Final and the first for Pollock in 18 years so for both these clubs and the competition history has already been made.

Pollock have reached five junior Cup Finals winning three, whilst for Beith this has been and continues to be an exciting adventure for all involved with the team and for the community.

Why dear readers have I called this the romance of the cup, well cup finals are one-offs where no matter what level you play at, if you will excuse the cliché, anything can happen, history and a team’s  form can go out the window once that whistle blows and the game begins.

Getting to the Final means you will be remembered, win or lose, although preferably win as your name will be forever etched into local folklore as well as onto Scottish Junior Cup history propelling  you into the Scottish Cup first round.

Turnstiles open at 3.05pm (kick-off 4:05pm) prices for the game are £5 for children and senior citizens and £10 for adults (payable at the gate).  The Pollock supporters will be in the main stand with Beith supporters in the East stand.

As Beith Juniors themselves have stated The ETHX Energy Scottish Junior Cup Final is a high profile day for everyone involved and it is important that everything goes well, the success of the cup final can determine the media response to Beith as a community, to Beith Juniors FC and to Junior Football in general. This is an opportunity to demonstrate the qualities of our town, community and our Football club.

Moreover as far Pollock FC and their supporters are concerned this is the biggest game not just in Scottish junior football but Scottish football if not beyond this season.

For those unable to attend the game, it’s being televised live on BBC Alba, Freeview channel 7, coverage starts 3:55pm and continues until after the presentation of medals and the cup to all those involved from the officials to the players on both sides.

I hope all those who are able to attend the game have an enjoyable but safe time, on this most special of occasions.

I would like to thank both Beith juniors and Pollock FC for additional information about the ticketing, when the turnstiles open, where the two sets of fans will be seated and how each sees the game. Lastly up to this moment there hasn’t been any commitment as to which side I’ll support come Sunday well what better way to put this to bed but to say ‘mon the mighty’.



Play Maker Presentation

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Beith Juniors Girls Football Team received their certificates after 13 weeks of long hard work towards their Play Maker award. The award consists of workshops, activities, projects and tasks to learn about how to be a successful, fair young leader. The girls completed projects such as a role model task in which they selected a role model and discussed what made that particular person someone to aspire to as a leader. A big congratulations to the girls and their coach Karen Millan for all their hard work, a very well deserved award!play maker (1) play maker (2) play maker (3) play maker (4) play maker (5) play maker (6) play maker (7) play maker (8) play maker (9) play maker (10)

Den building fun at Soup Group!

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On Wednesday I joined the team at Soup Group where we explored the outdoors, performed taste tests, played in the playhouses, toasted marshmallows and… ate soup! We had so much fun running about gathering sticks and other objects to build dens, we then had a competition to vote whos was the best den, although I had ventured between all three helping all teams to design and build their den. Our taste test was a hit and a miss, some children discovered they love some salad and others were less impressed with our efforts of a healthy snack. Finally, we gathered together round the fire for hot soup which all the kids loved and melt in your mouth marshmallows (they were my favourite part). I think its fair to say we all had a blast!

Check out our photos here

Continuity and change

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Every Hamlet, Village, Town, City in the world has something unique about it. I will admit to enjoying walking round places that I’ve never been to or those I have and discovering something new. Even if I forget to turn the map round making it easier to read and figure out where I am.


With this in mind I was walking round Beith and passed the Beith Auld Parish kirk which I’ve passed more times than I care to remember and noticed a plaque. The plaque was split in two, the first part gave you a rough history of the Kirk, the second was a short biography about JOHN Witherspoon, he was the Parish minister in Beith from 1745-1757 but outside of Beith is perhaps more famous for being the only clergyman to sign the American Declaration of Independence on the 4th of July 1776 and his links to Harvard University.


Across the road from the Kirk before you reach the High Street is a small monument and plaque to Dr Henry Faulds born in Beith (39 New Street) he was the first person to publish a detailed report on ‘the conception of fingerprints in criminal investigation’, in the scientific journal Nature in 1880, as well as founding the Tsukiji hospital in Tokyo in 1875.


Those of you reading this might be saying, this is interesting but in what way does this relate to Beith Community Development trust (BCDT), well dear readers the connection comes slightly further up the road into main street. In Main Street Is/was the Pop-up Design Studio. As well as for the next six months BCDT are working in collaboration with local businesses to improve the appearance and condition of Beith Main Street.


The above is a clear example of continuity and change, the continuity being the history, culture and society that has shaped Beith today and change. The change being Beith stepping out of the shadows of the past, embracing it but not being defined by it. Like all change sometimes things don’t go exactly to plan, success of a project/scheme can be difficult to quantify. But change if is done in the right manner it can be an enabler for a community writing a new history while acknowledging it’s the past.


By William Morton


Last day at Easter Play Scheme!

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Even though we are all very sad its over we had so much fun on our very last day at Play Scheme! We stated off with a treasure hunt meticulously searching the garden for our gold we looked up and down and all around and eventually we all had a gold medal each – we were super proud of these!

After we headed over to the pitch for a game of kick ball it was girls against boys and the game was on!!! We ran about so much that we needed a break to catch our breaths.

Later on we played all sorts of games like hockey and dodge ball and finished off with games using the parachute, our favourite was Chinese whispers while we all  hid as a group under the parachute.

We then went in for some yummy lunch and finished off our awesome day with some party games inside. We can not wait until Summer Play Scheme starts!!

A windy start to Week 2 of Play Scheme

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After catching up on our sleep from last week we prepared for a fun filled exciting week ahead. This morning we started off with relay races leaping in and out of hurdles and weaving in and out of cones whist trying to dribble a ball which a few of us found super tricky! We then moved on to a popular favourite between us ‘Pop-up Dodge Ball’ we spent ages running about and popping up and down until we got so tired we had to go for a break.

We then decided we needed a rest so we grabbed the chalk and got to work decorating the slabs in the Astro with everything from water melons to elephants. After, we all moved on to the pitch and played football, splat and whats the time Mr Wolf all these games gave us such a big appetite just in time for lunch.

After lunch we had a mini hockey tournament which took us all they way to home time. We had so much fun but need some rest before it all starts again tomorrow.

Happy Leap Year

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Today is the day we get a bonus day! It’s the day we need to keep the calendar aligned with the Earths’ revolutions around the sun! Julius Caesar introduced the Leap year around 45 BCE (before the Common Era) by adding one day onto the end of February. If he had not done this we would lose almost six hours from our calendar every year, meaning the calendar would be out by 24 days after only 100 years without leap days!

The chances of being born on February 29th are one in 1,461 and there are roughly only 4 million people in the world born on February 29th, people born on this day are called Leaplings!

In most places Leaplings have to wait until March 1st to be eligible for any age specific privileges (ages 16, 18 and 21.) They are considered to be good-natured, friendly and optimistic.

February 29th also commemorates Sadie Hawkins Day on which women can propose to men. Tradition shows that a man was expected to pay a penalty if he were to refuse a marriage proposal from a woman on Leap Day. In many European countries, especially in the upper classes of society, tradition dictates that a man who refuses a proposal on February 29th has to buy her 12 pairs of gloves.

Remember Julius Caesar created the 29th February as a bonus day so take that extra leap, after all it only happens every four years!

Beith Juniors 2003’s start their PlayMaker

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Last night the Beith Juniors 2003’s football team started their PlayMaker award, the first qualification of the Sports Leader Awards. After being a little sceptical with huffs and puffs they really got into the swing of things and I might even have heard an ‘this was really fun are we doing it next week?’ This week’s activity was ‘What is a Leader’ – the boys had to form a straight line with the leader at the front. The leader would either run, jog or sprint whilst shouting commands that his team followed. Each of the boys took to the role pretty well and after everyone had a turn at being a leader we had a group discussion about what makes a good leader, what might have happened if they hadn’t done these things and what are the main leadership skills that we identified whilst doing the activity. The boys gave some good answers like ‘making sure everyone stayed in line so we didn’t crash’ and ‘project your voice so that everyone can hear what you are saying.’ They then decided on a couple of skills that make a good leader for example ‘making sure everyone is happy,’ ‘keeping everyone safe’ and ‘making sensible decisions.’

The PlayMaker award is a great introduction into leadership for pupils or students. The award focuses on developing leadership skills and I can already see some budding leaders in this course.

A kind donation for a local boy!

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Beith Trust were happy to welcome Donna and Paul with their children Rosie, Eleanor and Alfie to receive a donation of Five Thousand pounds from Stephen and Angela Hamilton from the Corey fund towards an Eye Gaze.

With this donation their son Alfie will be able to get the assistive technology that he needs, this will help improve his ability to communicate his opinions. Donna says ‘He will be able to text me, play games and even use it to open doors.’ Stephen says ‘We are happy to be able to help Alfie.’

We look forward to seeing what Alfie will be able to achieve in the future.

Kids Cooking Classes – Pastry Cauldrons!

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This week at our cooking classes we got together with our friends to create some more spooky bakes in time for Halloween.  This week we decided to get our hands dirty and bake some bloody cauldrons!  In hopes that we would produce a smooth pastry dough we mixed all of our components together in our mixing bowls consisting of basic ingredients such as; flour, butter and water.  Once we had mixed everything together we began to roll out the mixture with our rolling pins so that we could eventually cut into Halloween inspired cauldron shapes.  Once we had perfected the shape cutting technique we placed our six pastry shapes onto our baking trays, forming into witch-like cauldrons.   After all of our hard work our pastry had become golden and risen in the oven, leaving only one last task to be completed – the blood (strawberry jam) distributing.  Check out more photos here.  Well done everyone another fun bake!



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Spooktacular Soup Group Fun

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This week Soup Group took a scary turn we started off with colouring in some scary pictures to hang on our walls – we coloured in everything from witches and cats to haunted houses.

Next we all took part in some ‘apple dunking’ it took a lot of tries for some of us to catch one, some of us got it on our first try and some of us found it to tricky and had to use a fork to catch one but in the end we all had a delicious apple to eat.

After we got put into groups of two and were given a pumpkin each to share and carve into some scary faces. It took a lot of effort to scoop all the slimy guts out of the pumpkins and then carefully use the carving tools to create our spectacular scary masterpieces.

After all that hard work we lit the pumpkins and turned the lights off to have our soup and tell some spooky stories.

Check out our pictures here

Magnificent minibeast hunters

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We had an excellent day hunting for bugs with our bug hunting equipment. We had a checklist to work through and tick off and w searched everywhere, under rocks, behind branches and in little hiding places so we cold spot spiders, slugs, ladybirds and caterpillars. We had magnifying glasses, bug boxes and some bug nets … though we were very careful not to hurt them and to put them back safely. We learned some cool facts about bugs like … beetles can glow in the dark, butterflies taste with their feet and ants can carry up to 50 objects at any one time! wow! We then made some bug houses for our bugs and gave them shelter, food water and somewhere to rest, and then we added some new features to our bug hotel! Great work everyone! 🙂

Kids gardening workshop

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Last night we had 10 mini gardeners come along and help us with our plants and vegetables. We started by planting some sunflowers and learned some things about them such as the tallest sunflower ever was grown in Germany and grew to 27 feet high! Next we made some planters from recycled plastic bottles and hung them up on a fence that we made from recycled wood, we talked about how this helps the planet as well as looking very cool! Then we went into the polytunnel and harvested some lettuce, cabbage, celery and runner beans and we weighed them so we can work out how much CO2 we have saved through growing our own food. We leaned some facts about these foods such as cabbage is one of the oldest vegetables in the world and lettuce was 1st grown by the ancient Egyptians. We also learned that carrots are a root vegetable like beetroot and turnip and that carrots also come in lots of different colours including white, red and purple! Then if our hands weren’t mucky enough we went out and built our very own fairy garden … we even saw a fairy hiding under the flowers! To finish we decorated one of our garden benches with the words “no act of kindness no matter how small is ever wasted” which was a lovely message to end on. Thanks to everyone who came 🙂

Creepy Crawlies take over soup group

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Last night we welcomed some play rangers from Eglinton Country Park to join our soup group fun. We had a great time with them and they helped us do a bug hunt in the garden. We had large magnifying glasses and bug boxes and we found all sorts of creepy crawlies including worms, spiders, caterpillers, slugs, butterflies, ladybugs and even some frogs! We learned a wee bit about them … for example, did you know there are more different kinds of beetle than any other animal on the planet? Afterwards we enjoyed some delicious soup on the fire made kindly by Karen Ronald and some delicious apples picked from the apple tree in Sara Harvey’s garden … thanks guys!! And of course some hunting for the perfect stick for marshmallow toasting was great fun!!

Streetmeet in the sun

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What a fabulous day at the streetmeet in Lomond Crescent on Saturday! Well done and thank you to Kathryn, Mhari, Gordon and Steven who put so much effort into organising the event and making it a success. There was a lovely sense of teamwork and community spirit and it was great to see so many people there. The kids had a ball playing on the bouncy castle, playing sports, doing arts and crafts, playing parachute games and having their faces painted, transforming them into their favourite characters. Everyone enjoyed the delicious food that everybody brought along to share and told stories about living in Lomond Crescent over the years which was really nice! It was also really nice to see people getting to know neighbours they hadn’t had the chance to meet before, everyone was in good spirits and the sun was a very welcome addition to the day.

If you would like to organise a streetmeet for your street then get in touch!


Pizza creations

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We had a blast last night making homemade pizza from scratch! 12 kids came along to learn some cooking skills and had great fun mixing ingredients, rolling dough and making some creative faces out of our yummy healthy toppings. It was great to see the little ones gain confidence, and also to hear from our previous little chefs about the meals that they have been making at home since developing their culinary skills. Check out the pics of their masterchef masterpieces !

Kids melting marshmallows on fire

soup group hilarity

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We had a great time at soup group last night! We started with a team relay race where kids were given letters and had to explore the garden to find items starting with that letter until the whistle was blown which was the cue for coming back to get the next letter, the team at the end of the game with the most correct items written down was the winner … but somehow the teams managed to tie! It was great to see the weird and wonderful things they came up with to gain extra points! We then played the magic welly game which involved getting the team from one side of the radioactive material to the other with only one pair of protective welly boots that couldn’t be thrown across, again it was great watching the kids problem solve and come up with different solutions to the problem. We then played a blindfolded game where the kids had to put their hands in a bag and feel an item, guessing what is was – an interesting game with some unusual suggestions! Thanks to Sara Harvey who made us some delicious soup which we enjoyed with some marshmallows and a fun game of sharades. Same time next week everyone!

Soup group fun :)

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Last night we were building on our further ‘young leader’ sessions. This is a progression from the playmaker award qualification that some of our kids have already earned and others are working towards. This session involved a discussion on safety … how a session leader would make sure the activity was safe including equipment, area and participants. We were very impressed with some of the answers the kids gave, showing their thoughtfulness and awareness on this subject has really developed through these sessions.

We then had some great fun in the garden, playing some searching games and then playing I spy around the campfire. We enjoyed some delicious vegetable soup kindly made by Irene Broughton which went down a treat.

Same time next week and spread the word for everyone to come and enjoy the session as we have a guest coming next week who is keen to speak to everyone involved In this project.

Soup group’s desert island

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Last night we had great fun at soup group! We started with a ‘who wants to be a millionaire’ quiz in which the kids were split into teams and nominated a candidate to come forward and answer question a question on a topic such as maths, geography, science, language or nature. They had 2 lifelines, either a 50:50 or a clue. This was a lot of fun and saw the competitive streak come out in everyone!

Next we played a thought provoking game involving the following scenario:

They are on a sinking ship with 10 other people, a rescue ship is on its way but there is only space for 8 other people so 2 must be left behind. They are given a choice between a teacher, a policeman, a postman, a young child, an old lady, a priest, a doctor, a convicted criminal, an artist and a chef. After long discussions about who they would leave behind and a final list was made I gave them some further information about each person that drastically changed their opinion …

For example, the doctor is retired due to injury and cannot treat people anymore, the convicted criminal is an ex soldier with great hunting and defence skills, the artist used to be a builder, the old lady is a great cook and is trained in herbal medicine, the postman has specialist survival skills qualifications and first aid training and the chef is great at cooking but is very greedy and won’t share food.

We asked the kids what they learned from this exercise, the answer was not to judge people too quickly or make assumptions about how valuable somebody can be. It was very touching to see them come to this conclusion.

Kids around campfire

soup group learning new skills

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We had great fun last night at soup group! The session started with each kid being given a secret praise word which they had to integrate into the following games. This was a word of motivation or encouragement for other players and the aim of the game was to use the word as often as possible in context and then at the end the others had to guess what the word was. Rebekah impressively used her word 10x!

The first game was football, followed by an interesting game of the human knot. The first version was the normal game, but we then added some different elements such as one hoop racing the other with either prizes for those responsible for overtaking, or forfeits to the person with the hoop that gets overtaken! We then discussed how we rated the games on fun and why … with a strange result … the kids liked the threat of a forfeit more than the possibility of winning a prize, going against learning theory science.

We then split the kids into girls and boys and asked them to tell us what they think are the 3 most important things in a game. They came up with some great ideas like good sportsmanship, rules, understandable instructions and fun. Very impressive how tuned in these kids are!

We then made some cool arts from paper plates and then had some delicious soup on the campfire … thanks Alison Nobel, it went down a treat! And thanks also to Sara Harvey for the cake … and to Robert for serving it to everyone! The featured pic is when I asked the kids to show us their perfect smile!
See you all next week!

Weather Watching at Carbon Crib

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weatherOur kids are getting more and more interested in their natural environment the more we learn and have noticed some unusual weather for this time of year. Leaving school for summer holidays in pouring rain brought up some questions and we decided to be our own scientists and track our weather system.

Each kid made a weather monitoring chart for a month of the year at our session last night and we are keen to track the weather including temperature, wind speed, rainfall, snowfall and episodes of thunder and lightening but also the effect that has on the environment around us, for example what kind of plants grow in these conditions, what kind of animals like this weather and what kind of food can we grow…

Our little scientists will bring you results as we gather our data …

Film Fest at Beith Astro

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Well the weather certainly wasn’t on our side for an outdoor cinema yesterday but we had a great day all the same. Thankfully we had a plan B and had an indoor space to transform into a cinema to kick start the summer holidays. The kids all arrived full of excitement and picked from a selection of funny films to match the mood. They selected Meet the Robinsons, a film about a brilliant young inventor called Lewis who takes us on a futuristic exploration of a new world, full of imagination and surprises. This film didn’t disappoint and had the kids laughing (and us at times too).

But you can’t have a cinema without popcorn and snacks right? Thanks to Jennifer, we enjoyed some delicious home cooked ad healthy snacks which went down a treat … we even had homemade popcorn! Great afternoon, look out for our next event!

Super Cereal’s final mission

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Today saw the end of an era with our last breakfast club session before the summer holidays … but we didn’t let this dampen the mood, we had as much fun as ever … we even wrote a rhyme about the weather:

“Breakfast club is fun,

we go outside and play every sunny day

But when its rainy, it’s a painy

So we have to be inside today”    Very funny!!

We brought out one of our rainy days games … a favourite … twister! This is always a lot of fun, with a real competitive streak emerging!

We finished by creating our very own breakfast club superhero! The kids always have some genius ideas and today these included the ability to breath under milk (rather than water), an egg shield, the ability to shoot cereal at people, cereal goggles, a spoon as a sword and an invisibility cape!

We asked the kids for feedback on what they liked about breakfast club .. they gave us a huge list of things, too many to mention but they included things like “It is fun”, “it makes the morning better” and “I look forward to coming here” and we also got a nice thank you card

Hopefully see you all again after summer!

on your marks … get set to school

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Breakfast club was great fun this morning! It all started with some favourite tunes and a sing along with cereal … and some funky dance moves from Andrew!! The kids are all in good spirits, excited about the idea of only a few more days left at school!

We made the most of the sunshine by playing hide and seek in the woods with the kids finding some new and impressive hiding places. Ryan’s champion hide and seek title was being threatened by the others today but these kids are becoming evermore competitive!

The walk to school was full of fun with the kids wearing their schoolbags backwards and entering into a relay race in teams on certain parts of the walk with Ryan and Esme winning by a millisecond!

Last day tomorrow before the school holidays so lots of fun planned … don’t miss out!

musical magic at Beith Astro

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Last night we were lucky to be joined by some wonderful musicians who showed off their talents entertaining us around the campfire. It was a great evening, the weather was on our side, everybody pitched in to help with chopping firewood and food preparation … a big thank you to everyone who brought something for the BBQ, it was al delicious! The entertainment included some favourites by Oasis, Greenday and some country classics that got everyone engrossed in the music and even joining in singing at times! The musicians and singers were brilliant, capturing everyone and creating a lovely atmosphere that brought so many people together. Well done to Rose who did her first ever solo and blew us all away with her beautiful singing voice! We also had some wonderful duets and it was great to see some improvisation and creativity happening between a group who are bonded by music. The good vibes weren’t constrained to the campfire area though, as we were looking around we could see people on the football pitch dancing and the kids playing up in the woods singing along too. … And let’s not forget the marshmallow madness … nothing beats toasting on an open fire! A big big thank you to everyone who joined us last night and especially to the guitarists, violinist, singers, drummer and Gillian Ritchie who organised the music for giving up their time and making the night so special. Check out our pics on facebook.


Virtual tour around the world of food

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Last night saw an end to our current block of cooking classes and we are very proud of what our little chefs have achieved!

This session involved us taking a virtual trip to the Philippines to see how rice is grown and cultivated, giving us a real sense of appreciation for the work farmers do and how valuable and precious our food is.

Running with the theme of grain we made some delicious oat biscuits, a simple recipe with delicious results! These little pros knew exactly how to follow the steps, sieving, mixing, rolling and baking to perfection. As the biscuits were baking away, filling the whole building with that home baking smell we took some time to learn about different types of grains, where they come from, what they look like and what we can make from them. Very interesting to learn about some of the foods we eat everyday!

We would like to thank the wonderful Jennifer for sharing her skills and knowledge with us over the last 6 weeks and we can’t wait for the next block to start.

Keep up the good work little master chefs!!

Breakfast club in a spin

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Since the sunshine was hiding this morning, we hid from the rain and let the kids demonstrate their artistic skills. The opportunity to improvise is always welcomed and is great for us to get an insight into how our kids express themselves. Today we had some lovely pictures from the girls ranging from drawings of nature and starts from favourite films .. and the boys took a slightly different approach designing and decorating model aeroplanes … although we think the turbulents may have been too much this morning!

Our walk to school was filled with balance exercises and one of the kids’ favourite to date … spinning all the way up the red brae hill … I hope they are not too dizzy to learn in class today!!

Only 1 week left of breakfast club before the summer holidays so why not bring your little one down to try it out and see how much fun we are having!!

Cats and mice take over breakfast club

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This morning we had a new breakfast club recruit and the kids had great fun showing Andrew the ropes!

After our usual Tuesday morning breakfast chat, sharing all of our exciting stories from the weekend (and the kids guessing Claire and Lisa’s ages just to ruin our day) we made our way out onto the pitch to play some energising games! The favourite game of the morning was cats and mice … a game where the cats have to chase the mice and catch their tails. This was exciting and competitive with Callum demonstrating his impressive speed, outsmarting all the cats!

Despite everyone being puffed out we still had the walk to school to tackle and as always this walk is no ordinary walk. Today’s challenge was to weave through the railings and still make it to school on time … and as you can see from our picture this challenge was happily accepted.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s fun …

Carbon crib’s trash musical show

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As always we had lots of fun, eco friendly activities for our kids coming along to carbon crib last night! We began with a word search about global warming which taught us a lot about what is happening to our planet through our activities and how we can reduce the harm to earth.

We then made our way to the lovely woods where we collected sticks to make special bug houses. This requires following a specific technique, the strategy used by tribal people in remote villages all over the world still today. Our secure structures will provide shelter and safety to a variety of species of wildlife, particularly insects and mice.

We finished our session by improvising musically. Our ids are all great at singing and performing but we needed some musical instruments to compliment their talents! We found a great selection of trash that we improvised with to create something very cool. We used plastic bottles with stones inside, traffic cones, lids, sticks and spades to create the sounds of drums, maracas, drums and symbols … allowing the kids to deliver some spectacular performances of some frozen favourites and some rock classics. Entertainment that is kind to the planet … great!


kids’ pizzeria

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Last night our little chefs created their very own pizzeria restaurant! We started by making the dough by adding the ingredients and then making a big ball to roll out to make a crispy, delicious base for our yummy toppings! We chopped up some juicy tomatoes and also some courgettes that we grew ourselves in our polytunnel … making it even more scrumptious!

While our pizzas were turning golden brown in the oven, we did some artwork. The kids had a slice of pizza to draw (one to resemble their favourite pizza ever … and one to resemble what they thought the healthiest pizza ever was ). We got some very impressive ideas and we were happy to see that the kids were using the knowledge they have gained from coming to our classes when adding ingredients.

Great fun and some great cooking skills too!


Nurture group train ride

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This morning we were graced with beautiful weather for our weekly nurture group session. I collected the kids from Beith primary at 9.30am who were super excited to come and play in our dens and explore the garden.

The walk down to the astro involved some counting challenges with Dean earning a prize for getting the answer right through his dedication to the challenge and stern concentration. When we reached the gates the kids were given 5 mins free play and then we made our way onto the pitches to play some exciting games. One of the games we played was worms which involves the ‘birds’ collecting worms to take back to their nest, dodging the crows who steal the worms!! Everyone was a good sport and did well but I was even more impressed with the next game which involved kids passing a ball to each other through cones on their head. They demonstrated great team work, brilliant cooperation and impressive concentration!

After all that hard work we made our way back to school … in a different fashion. We made a human train through hoops and I was so pleased with how the kids worked together and concentrated on the task the whole 15 min walk to the gates! Everyone then enjoyed a well earned sweetie to say well done for their efforts before heading off for playtime in the sun.

Taylor earns her playmaker award

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Congratulations to Taylor Mackie for earning her playmaker award last night. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this award, it involves kids taking part in sessions that develop good leadership skills, building up to the planning and delivery of a session independently as the session leader.

Taylor has ben planning her session carefully for a few weeks and was excited to get her chance to explain it to the others. Taylor did really well dividing the group into teams and providing them with their team bands and took time explaining the rules of the game. The rules are a bit similar to football with a few twists like the goalie being in their own teams goals to help the goal get into the box and turning the box up to prevent the other team getting it back out.

Taylor did well in remembering all of her leadership skills including effective communication, inclusion, fairness and confidence. She delegated responsibilities well too such as setting up equipment which was essential for the success of the game. This session was very creative and everyone enjoyed it.

Well done Taylor!

Derren earns his playmaker award

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Congratulations to Derren Robin who earned his playmaker award last night with his interesting game of ‘kickball’. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this award, it is connected to the Sports leader award and involves kids taking part in several sessions learning good leadership skills, progressing on to learning how to plan and deliver a session to a group independently as the session leader.

Derren’s game started with a similar set up to rounders, with players at different bases throughout the playing field. Derren selected teams fairly and directed them to their allocated areas, one team were kicking and one team were fielders ready for the fun to start. The idea was to kick your shot far enough away that you and the other players could make it as far around the field as possible, or even better … get a home run. Derren explained his game well, gave clear instructions and was keen to take feedback at the end. Derren did very well settling disputes over foul play and kept scores in an organised way, he was fair, consistent and inclusive, skills which he recognises as good leadership qualities.

Well done Derren!

soup group catching worms

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Last night the kids arrived with an extra skip in their step, fuelled by ice lollies and sunshine! As the weather was so nice we abandoned the arts and crafts and spent our whole session playing games on the pitch, making the most of every second of it! We began with a new game called ‘worms’ that we learned from Mark our sports development manager that involves relaying, dodge balling and tigging all in one game as birds have to collect worms for their nests and avoid being caught by the crow! This game caused hilarity with different rounds seeing different winners demonstrating survival of the fittest in our eco system.

We then played some games which involved teamwork such as passing ball on a cone on our heads along a line, requiring great team skills, coordination skills and concentration!

We finished up by enjoying some lovely soup as a reward for our great sporting efforts before some of the kids made their way to the strawberry fair.

Great night, great fun!

Carbon crib getting in touch with nature

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You will all be familiar with our Eco project by now … and last night helped our kids add another layer of knowledge about green living.

The session started with recycling some old CDs into decorative art for our eco hut. We learned all about where the CDs would have gone otherwise and how landfill can contribute to global warming. I am always impressed with their creativity and also their solutions for reusing scrap materials, things I might never have come up with without their wild imaginations!

Next we made some art, getting close to nature by using pencils to create the pattern from tree trunks which we cut into pretty shapes. By helping kids feel a sense of connection to the natural environment we hope to help them make decisions based on their appreciation of, and desire to sustain the planet.

We finished by playing an interesting game I learned on a sustainable development course in Gloucester in which the kids are put in pairs with one person blindfolded. Their partner then leads them around a garden space letting them discover things through smell, sound, touch and taste. This game always provides interesting results because we usually interpret the world through sight mostly. If you get the chance to try this then please do, a great way to experience your surroundings!

Team BCDT triumphs at the SVCO Scottish Charity Awards

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Last night team BCDT got their gladrags and sparkly shoes on and travelled up to Edinburgh for the SCVO Scottish Charity Awards 2015 at the Assembly Rooms.

We still can’t quite believe we won the Celebrating Communities category and were all thrilled when they announced Beith Trust as the winners. Alex took to the stage for our acceptance speech and did a remarkably good job:

“Thank you very much to everybody who has nominated us and voted for us! None of the work at Beith Trust would have been possible without the hard work, commitment and enthusiasm of our volunteers, directors, staff and the fantastic support of the community. We are absolutely delighted to be here and hope everyone has a great night, thank you!”

Paul Cardwell from Third Force News says “The charity triumphed after impressing the judges with its efforts to improve the mental and physical fitness of its local community.” You can check out his article here.

We are so grateful to everyone involved in this charity – it would not have been possible without you all and this is just the first step in getting our wee town on the map. Three cheers for Beith!

Little chefs say cheese!

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Yesterday our amazing little chefs were surprised to find out how delicious apple and cheese muffins could be! This turned out to be a messy recipe with flour a-flying, eggs a-cracking and apples hardly making it into the mixture, ending up in tummy’s instead!

We were very impressed with how the skills have developed over the last few weeks with our little chefs  needing little assistance in creating their culinary masterpieces. When the mixture was ready and baking away nicely in the oven we had some time to learn a bit about where our food comes from. This week we were learning about different types of cheese and where they come from in Scotland including Arran, the Orkney Islands and Lockerbie, places we located on a map of Scotland. Then we watched a video all about how cheese is made,  who knew so much effort went into making it!

It was well worth it though, the muffins came out perfectly and the smell wafted through the whole community centre proving how brilliant these little masterchefs really are!

Yesterday our amazing little chefs were surprised to find out how delicious apple and cheese muffins could be! This turned out to be a messy recipe with flour a-flying, eggs a-cracking and apples hardly making it into the mixture, ending up in tummy’s instead!

We were very impressed with how the skills have developed over the last few weeks with our little chefs  needing little assistance in creating their culinary masterpieces. When the mixture was ready and baking away nicely in the oven we had some time to learn a bit about where our food comes from. This week we were learning about different types of cheese and where they come from in Scotland including Arran, the Orkney Islands and Lockerbie, places we located on a map of Scotland. Then we watched a video all about how cheese is made,  who knew so much effort went into making it!

It was well worth it though, the muffins came out perfectly and the smell wafted through the whole community centre proving how brilliant these little masterchefs really are!

Soup group sink or swim

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Soup group was packed full of fun last night! We started by adding some colour to the trees with decorated recycled bicycle wheels, demonstrating the children’s creativity.

We then played an educational game with Alex which involved searching for objects and testing whether they would sink or swim with some interesting discoveries made!

After all that fun we headed onto the pitch for some playmaker activities where some of the kids got a step closer to earning their award with games involving coordination, balance, teamwork and good communication. Amy then taught us a cool rhyme that she learned at her recent 9 day course on volunteering and youth work in Gloucester where she spent the time learning with 30 other people from all over Europe. The rhyme was called Gouley Gouley and had some actions that tested our memories and the next game (the colour challenge) tested our flexibility where the leader instructed the kids to stand in a circle and place different hands and feet on different colours on people’s clothing, creating what can only be described as a human tangle.

The session then ended with soup on the campfire with thanks to Alison Nobel and some yummy snacks from Erin’s mum  and we were joined by a little frog who wanted to take part in the campfire games.

Really nice to see some new faces this week too! See you all next week

Breakfast club in silence

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This morning we enjoyed some of our favourite cereals while we sang along to some country and soul … the kids asked me to put on my good tunes before mark had the chance to put his on … he is known for some interesting music choices and some very very bad singing!

After breakfast we played what seems to be the favourite game … hide and seek in the woods where Ryan and Esme had us all puzzled with their genius hiding places! The garden space is a great place for hide and seek with plenty of trees and dens to hide in and behind.

In true breakfast club fashion we started the walk to school with a challenge … toady’s was to do the whole walk to school in complete silence with the first one to speak the loser as well as walking up the hill backwards! Everyone completed the challenge despite the hilarity of trying to communicate to each other through gestures and we were all relieved to get to the school gate and talk again … to wish each other a happy day!

Looking forward to next week!

Breakfast club with a twist!

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The wild weather didn’t keep our keen breakfast club down! … it did keep us inside though!! After fuelling up on cereal, fruit juice and exciting stories shared from the weekend we led the kids into the games room where they were surprised to find … twister!

The game created hilarity between the kids with them falling down one by one leaving Emily crowned as the Twister queen! Maybe her gymnastics skills aided her good balance!

The walk to school involved some challenges like counting the number of steps to school, looking at wildlife and road safety games.

Tune in again tomorrow to hear what fun we have!

Cubs Earn Environmental Conservation Badge at Astro

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Last night we did our last session with the 21 cubs dedicated to helping to protect the planet from global warming. Following on from our previous sessions, we had some elements of the criteria still to cover to complete the cubs’ understanding of climate change and solutions that fit into our every day lives.

We started with splitting the group into 3 and having a ‘rap off’ about the pros and cons of different sourc


es of green energy sources where we had some interesting lyrics like:

“Wind turbines are really cool, use them as a different type of fuel”


“look at the energy coming from the sun, giving you light and power to your telly”.

Well done to Andrew Lamont for the impressive beat boxing too!

Next we learned about the detrimental effects of throwing plastic bottles away and the benefits of recycling or reusing instead. We collected one each from the recycling piles and made bird feeders from one half and planters from the other half where each cub got to close their eyes and pick a magical seed to plant to take care of at home.

Then we all got into character, playing the parts of different parts of the eco system in a practical demonstration of how damaging one part of the system destroys the whole system and how the tree is vital to our survival!

We ended our session by identifying different crops in the polytunnel and harvesting some veg and herbs to take home!

Well done to everyone and we hope you use your new knowledge and skills well!

Soup group rainy days

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Well done to the all weather troopers who came along to soup group last night and didn’t stop smiling despite the rain!

The session started with the biggest word search we have ever seen! The kids were split into 2 teams: Boys who were the lightening god apple team and the girls who were the purple thunder team were against each other and against the clock with each team member having 1 minute to try to find a word before swapping with the next person on their side, competing to find different countries. We found many countries from all over the world but the boys won with a decisive 8:4 win!

Next we made art from wax, and we were very impressed with the level of creativity (see pics to be wowed)!

Next, we made our very own bubble machine (well … we made it from sticks, string and good old fairy liquid!) Kaleb showed some great talent in making the biggest bubbles and Sam was very kind in showing kiera how to use it!

You are also probably wondering why we asked you to bring glass jars … Karen Ronald kindly gave us some delicious baguettes and we made our own butter from cream. You do this by shaking whipped cream in a jar (take care – your arm will get tired!) and then we added some wild garlic and enjoyed some delicious garlic bread and marshmallows (which the kids earned by telling us a fact about one of the countries found earlier on the wordsearch … very interesting exercise! ha ha See you all next week!

Astro Bike on tour

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This week we had the pleasure of delivering our delicious home grown produce to people in the community. We delivered lettuces, radishes and Parsley on our eco -friendly astro bike, made by Uula Jero at the People’s Utility Bike Company, helping us to reduce our carbon footprint throughout Beith.

As this was the first time our bike left the astro on a daytrip, we weren’t surprised to find people staring and wondering what we were doing but thanks to everyone who gave us support for our efforts and even gave us a donation in exchange for some delicious vegetables that our staff, volunteers and children have put so much effort into growing over the past few months.

We are looking to make up some veg boxes in the future and we would love for you to tell us where you live and what you would like and we will happily deliver straight to your door.

Remember to keep an eye on our facebook page to see posts about why growing your own food and buying from local producers is so much more beneficial financially and environmentally! Stay tuned for our next outing!

Little Chefs

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Last night our 10 little chefs showed off their cooking skills by making some delicious cheese and chive puffs!

We started by mixing ingredients together in a big bowl … which always get messy … and is their favourite bit for exactly that reason! Then we grated the cheese in special winding graters and chopped up some chives after spending quite some time convincing the kids that it wasn’t grass ha ha.

When all the ingredients were added we made put little bite sized portions on baking trays and put them in the oven, excited to see what they would taste like! While the puffs were puffing we had some other activities for our little chefs … the first was onion tasting. We learned about some different types of onions … and tasted them too … creating some of the most interesting facial expressions ever! Then we played a game to illustrate how germs can be passed and to promote food hygiene which involved shaking hands along a line and seeing how much glitter passes from the first person to the last person in the line! I think it is safe to say our little chefs will be keen to wash their hands before meals from now on!

We ended on a quick quiz about food helping our kids to learn more about where their food comes from, different types of healthy food and how it can be grown before getting to taste our yummy food! It is great to see kids getting excited (despite not getting to make chocolate cake), what a difference when they are involved in the process of making something from scratch! Well done to them all!

Courtney Earns Playmaker Award

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As you all know some of our wonderful kids have been developing good leadership skills, including planning sessions, delivering sessions and using feedback in a constructive way to develop skills and earn their playmaker award! Last night it was Courtney’s turn to shine and she did a great job!

Courtney gathered all the equipment she would need for her game and then she split the group into 2 teams. She explained the rules of the games which were:

In teams of 5, start at one end of the pitch, throw the ball to a team member who must be ahead of you and continue with this until your team makes it to the other end of the pitch. If the ball is dropped then the team must go back to the start.

This game was great fun, well organised, promoted both teamwork and competitiveness and was fast paced, exciting and hilarious!

Courtney then did very well asking for and responding to feedback on the game which was all positive! Well done Courtney, you will make an excellent leader 🙂

Zak McNee – My Work Experience Week!

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My Week at Work Experience

This week at Beith Trust has been great, I have learned a whole load of new skills e.g. how to update and schedule a website, how to use WordPress. I have had a chance to see what a local business workplace is like. I have enjoyed the whole time, the people that I have been working with have been so kind and funny.

The Beginning (Day 1)

On the first day I was introduced to the team; Alex the one that has the dogs, Jane the Boss, Amy the receptionist, Jonny the Computer Whiz, Lisa the Project worker and Claire the Graphics and slave master. Furthermore I wrote a blog and uploaded it to Beith Astro, I scheduled some advertising posters on the Beith Astro Facebook page.

Day 2

On the second day I interviewed a member of staff, Mark Gray about his job in Beith Astro, I made a blog and posted it on Beith Trust’s website. Also I scheduled more things for Beith Astro’s Facebook page.

Day 3

On the third day I added new information and a new page to the Beith Astro website. I also added some scheduling on the Facebook page

Out and ABOUT Day (day 4)

On the second last day I was set with the task of going round the local shops asking if they knew any facts about Beith. I got really good feed back form the locals and they where all willing to participate.

The Last Day (day 5)

On the last day I wrote this blog. I also uploaded it to the Beith Trust page.

Work Experience Week – Livia Amzu

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Work Experience Week


This week, “Work Experience Week”, I joined Beith Community Development Trust and Beith Astro. I’ve enjoyed it very much because, everyday I had different challenging tasks to do and I managed to do them very successfully and put my effort in everything that I’ve created and wrote for blogs, articles , interviews, website updating, schedule, community calendar, mail chimp and also a short movie presenting the Girls Football where are some pictures and shots from their warm up and in the end, their wonderful game which was a really good match.

In this week I also learnt a lot of new staff together with Claire, Jonny, Alex, Amy and Lisa who helped me every time and tough me to do interesting things on PC, which were new for me, and now I can manage to do all the stuff that I wasn’t able to do them when I came here.

For me the most challenging task that I had to do was to take an interview of Amy and try to get some information about her work. Firstly I had to make up some questions for Amy’s work and once I got the answers and the information that I needed,   I had to make a blog and write as much as I can about Amy’s work and her opinion about it. We had a nice and enjoyable conversation that also made me to understand what she is actually doing and preparing for her SVQ work.

I also enjoyed when I went outside with Zack – the other student that joined the work experience in the same week as me, and walked together along Beith and ask people questions about “ Which is the most interesting fact about Beith?”.

We received some interesting answers from people with a lot of historical knowledge and find out a lot of fascinating facts about Beith. I’m very glad that I met these people and gave us sufficient information that we needed.

I had a great time together with all the staff from Beith Trust and made to appreciate their hard work and their effort for people who want to do some exercise, sport, take some lessons of cooking, encourage people to do parties and enjoy their day together with neighbours and a lot of remarkable ideas and plans for people future.

I’m glad that I applied to Beith Trust ,because it was a nice experience for me and let me to see how is to work and prepare  me for  the future that it might be similar to this work.

I want to thanks to everybody for their warm welcome and their kind and nice manners that made me to feel that I’m part of their big family and made me to feel very comfortable and relaxed, and this week to be a part of my memory.

Thank you very much again guys for your kindness and I wish you a lot of success in your work and hope you will have a great and wonderful future! J

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