A whirl wind of positivity shaping the future of Garnock Valley North Ayrshire

Marianne Greenway

Great project just what the kids need, thanks Kaleb loves attending.x

Karen Ronald

@BeithTrust is there anything you don't do?? Always do much on offer for the ppl of Beith.

Sported Scotland@sported_Scot

I find Beith Trust helpful, it gives people opportunity's and in some cases employs people who may not have had a chance elsewhere.

Jordan Devine

Beith Trust helps individuals with a lack of confidence, the staff within do there best to help rebuild individuals confidence.

Robert craig

Great support today from the bike maintenance team... Thank You!

Annemarie Carse

Glad we came along. All 3 bikes were given an MOT & then followed one of the cycle routes round the back of the new campus. Two tired wee girls now in the bath. Thank you!

Jennifer Mcfadyen

The girls and i enjoyed our day- Thank You! Having our bikes checked out and a complimetary burger for the girls was fab!

Lynne Mastrangioli

Between the Mindfulness taster event on Friday night, and taking part in the beginners crochet club, I have suddenly realised that i love my life! I now appreciate what i have more and how great a community i have around me!

April 14, 2017

Band Factory 2017

The Band factory pre Saturday night

12-18 years old, can play a musical instrument or sing or both, want to practice and play in a band. Well to my surprise and slight embarrassment it turns out you can here at Geilsland.

April 5, 2017

LAPIS piano Keyboard Versatility Course

Coming soon to Geilsland Chapel: Summer 2017 Keyboard versatility course designed for beginners… Traditional piano/keyboard tuition has often been based around specific musical forms and sometimes involves learning some gruelling…

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March 31, 2017

Bug Hotel

What is a bug hotel, well it’s a place for bees, birds, beetles and other creatures to live or take shelter. As just like us, nature has a housing shortage….

March 28, 2017

Corey Cup 2017

Corey Cup 2017  Click on Corey Cup 2017  to view Photographs. The Corey Cup is an annual school football tournament held in the Garnock Valley for children in P6&7. The…