Acoustic drop-ins is an opportunity to learn and develop your skills in music.

With guitar classes every Tuesday and drum classes every Thursday, why wait to jump in and have a shot?  Who knows, you might have a natural talent.  The lessons can be attended by people of all ages and all abilities so there’s no need to worry about being a beginner.  The purpose of the drop-ins is to create more of an interest in music within the local area, and coupled with band factory get more people interested in starting and joining bands.  So far the participants of the guitar lessons have been learning common chords, and have recently progressed to begin to learn songs using these chords.  Meanwhile, the participants of the drum lessons have been learning basic rhythms and have recently been adding fills to make their playing more interesting.  The acoustic drop-ins are an amazing way to boost confidence and learn new skills, whilst creating new opportunities to meet and connect with other people through music.  It is also an opportunity to learn how to play under instruction.  At only £1 a lesson, this is an affordable and accessible way to learn new skills – a cheap and effective alternative to proper lessons.

Guitar classes run every Tuesday at Beith astro from 3:30-5:00pm

Drum Lessons run every Thursday ata Beith astro from 3:30-5:00pm

kids taught how to play drums this year
Kids taught how to play drums this year