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Activate your Life; Personal Development Courses at Beith Trust

Activate your Life; Personal Development Courses at Beith Trust

🌟 Activate Your Future: Unleash Your Confidence and Empower Your Life! 🌟

Looking to build self-confidence and empower your life? Our personal development course is tailored to guide you through an empowerment journey that enhances your  life, relationships, and possibilities for the future

πŸ’‘ Course Highlights:

πŸ‘‰ STEPS to Excellence: Break free from the limiting beliefs that have held you back. Uncover and develop a robust sense of self and unlock and realise the possibilities you have for the future through interactive discussions, self-reflection, and hands-on activities. You will emerge empowered and confident, and ready to rock the world!

πŸ‘‰ Glasgow University’s Activate Course: Equip yourself with practical knowledge that extends beyond job-seeking. Dive into essential concepts in community work like equality, power dynamics, and conflict resolution. Develop a deeper understanding of how you can be a catalyst for change in your community.

πŸ‘ Why Choose ‘Activate Your Future’?

  • 🧠 Boost Self-Confidence: Cultivate a resilient, positive mindset with our personal development course, enriching both your professional and personal life.
  • 🌱 Community Empowerment: Become an active, contributing member of your community, building skills and self-esteem from giving back
  • 🀱 Child-Friendly Environment: Benefit from our crΓ¨che facilities every Wednesday morning, so you can focus on your empowerment and personal development journey.
  • 🏑 Join an Empowered Community: Engage with like-minded individuals committed to personal growth and empowerment.

Steps to Excellence: Transforming Your Future
Empowerment and Personal Development Course by The Ayrshire Community Trust

Embark on a life-changing journey with our ‘Steps to Excellence’ 6-week course in Ayrshire. Empowerment, personal development, and skill enhancement await you. No experience needed, with childcare and lunch provided.

Discover Your Potential with Our Unique 6-Week Course
Are you ready to kickstart your New Year with a transformative experience? The Ayrshire Community Trust proudly presents the “Steps to Excellence” course, empowerment and personal development, exclusively designed for individuals seeking to make real change in their lives.

Why Choose Steps to Excellence?

Duration: A concise 6-week program, perfectly timed to start your New Year with a bang.
Accessibility: Free to attend, welcoming everyone regardless of prior experience or formal education.
Convenience: We understand the challenges of parenting; hence, childcare and lunch are on us!
Personal Growth: Uncover and develop a strong sense of self through interactive discussions and hands-on activities.

Information Session: Dive into the details at our information session on Tuesday, 30/01/24, from 09:30 to 10:30.

Course Commencement: Embark on your journey from Tuesday, 06/02/24, every Tuesday from 09:30 to 12:30.

Activate: Be the Change in Your Community
Community Development Course by Glasgow University

Activate your potential with Glasgow University’s 10-week community development course. Dive into concepts like equality, power dynamics, and more. Free attendance, no prior experience required, childcare and lunch provided.”

Ignite Your Passion for Community Work, Glasgow University is thrilled to offer “ACTIVATE,” a 10-week course, focusing on practical knowledge and skills to elevate your community engagement. This course is an ideal platform for aspiring community leaders and activists.

Why Enroll in Activate?

Comprehensive Learning: Spanning 10 weeks, the course covers essential community work aspects like equality, power dynamics, and conflict resolution.
Practical Approach: Experience real-world community development through group discussions and interactive sessions.
Ease of Access: Free to attend, welcoming participants from all walks of life. Childcare and lunch are provided to ensure your focus remains on learning.

Information Session: Learn more about this opportunity on Friday, 09/02/24, from 09:30 to 10:30.

Course Start Date: Begin your transformative journey on Friday, 16/02/24, with sessions every Friday from 09:30 to 12:30.

Activate Your Future and Empower Your life Today! For more information or to register your interest, contact us at 01505 228141 or click this linkΒ 

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