Social Media Assistant Work Experience

My name is Emma Bishop. And for my work experience I chose to be a social media assistant with the Beith Trust at Geilsland estate.

Social media

My main social media account is my Instagram. I really like Instagram more than I like other social Medias because it’s free, easy to use, and everyone has it. I use social media to keep in touch with friends and family and also to help with my homework.

 The estate itself

Luckily we had lovely, bright weather that helped with the lighting in my photographs but it was mainly thanks to the amazing scenery on the estate.

Why i wanted to do this

I wanted to do this because social media has been a big part of my life also because of my love of journalism as well as my love for photography. This (or something similar to this) to this would be an ideal carer choice for my future.

What i did during my time here

Monday- On the first day I took most of the pictures shown and I had a basic introduction on how things work around here.

Tuesday- on Tuesday I recreated newsletters for different events that are coming up. I also made a mind map on social media marketing and finally I did some research for the different types of beers, whiskeys and ciders that will be drank at beer fest.

Wednesday- I spent all day baking! We made a chocolate cheese cake (which didn’t turn out very well), a lemon cake, and 53 fairy cakes as well as 52 lemon cookies. The fairy cakes and cookies are for Friday. Some of the photographs are from this day.

Thursday- I am writing this blog post!

Friday- I will be visiting an old folk’s home and be taking pictures of the tea party they are having in celebration of the royal wedding! I will also be interviewing some of the guests.