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The Beith Community Development Trust website has been designed to be accessible to a wide-ranging audience, including people with sight and hearing impairments. Our site has been developed to meet W3C web standards and aims to achieve AA compliance with WCAG2 accessibility. 

How the site is built for accessibility 

Here are details on how we make the site accessible: 


We use cascading style sheets (CSS) to control site layout and presentation. This means that: 

  • screen reader users do not have to listen to information about the page display to get to the content; 
  • browser users can apply their own user stylesheet to customise how the site appears to them or use built-in browser features such as zoom to view the site in the way that best suits them. 


Site navigation appears at the start of the page. Screen reader users can bypass navigation by using the ‘Skip to content’ link at the start of the page. Related content navigation is listed after the main content. 


Content on the site has been written and formatted to be accessible. Examples of this approach include preceding sections of text with a heading, using meaningful text for links and use of the alt attribute to describe images. 

Site accessibility limitations 

We aim to communicate as clearly and simply as possible but some articles require a level of technical understanding due to the nature of the topic they cover. We develop our site to work with a wide range of the most popular current browsers but are not able to actively support older versions of browsers. Website content is still accessible by turning off stylesheets.

Browser support 

Beith Community Development Trust understands and accepts that web pages cannot be made that will render identically for every user. With web browsers being produced by numerous vendors, subject to frequent updates and having a range of different rendering engines on multiple operating systems it is not Beith Community Development Trust’s intention that web pages look identical in all browsers.

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