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🎨Spotlight on Morgan-The Artisan of Beith Trust🎨

At Beith Trust, we’re more than just a team; we’re a family that celebrates each heart and hand that builds our community. Today, we shine the spotlight on Morgan, our incredibly talented painter and decorator, whose dedication and artistry breathe life into every room she transforms Geilsland Estate

Morgan is not just about strokes and shades; she’s the alchemist of ambiance, ensuring our spaces aren’t just seen but felt. But wait, there’s more to her magic! With a heart as big as her talent, Morgan hustles beyond the brush, charming our suppliers into donating the vibrant paints that coat our charity’s dreams. Each wall is a story, every color a voice, thanks to Morgan’s awesome work.

To our in-house Michelangelo, we say thank you for making the rental cottages at Geilsland Estate not only a sight to behold but a masterpiece of community spirit! 🖌️💖

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