Volunteering opportunities at Beith Trust

Here at Beith Trust we embrace new faces, welcome new individuals and encourage them to become a member of our team! With a wide range of  volunteering opportunities that come with both mental and physical benefits.  Such as:

  • Volunteering helps counteract the effects of stress, anger, and anxiety. …
  • Volunteering combats depression. …
  • Volunteering makes you happy. …
  • Volunteering increases self-confidence. …
  • Volunteering provides a sense of purpose. ..
  • Volunteering helps you stay physically healthy…

Would you like to take part in some of the many fun activities here in Beith whilst also gain great transferable skills, references and memories at the same time?

We would love to hear from you if you have a an hour or two a week that you would like to share with your community and show off your skills and abilities.  There are many opportunities and projects that would really benefit from your help.  So if any of the roles listed below fit with what you are looking for, are interested in, or want to learn more about – let us know!  We offer great training opportunities in return, including REHIS certificates, First Aid, Health & Safety, and Mindfulness courses.

To find out more contact Alison Berry on 01505 800758

Volunteer Driver

Do you have any spare time, want to give something back and have your own transport?

Then why not volunteer as a seasonal driver at Beith Trust, fuel costs will be met by Beith trust.

Seasonal hours to be discussed.

Cooking Volunteer

Are you a budding Gordon Ramsay or Nigella Lawson? Wish to showcase your culinary skills,

able to lead & direct a team of volunteers then why not come to Beith Trust’s cooking class

every Wednesday morning and show of you’re talent.

Telephone Buddy

Beith Trust are piloting a new initiative!

If you are a chatty, friendly person who likes speaking/ chatting over the telephone.

Enjoy chatting about interests & experiences? Being a lending ear, are caring and

compassionate and have a passion for making the elderly feel a little less alone?

Then why not be a telephone buddy? Contact Alison Berry for more information.

Email:  Alison.berry@beithtrust.org

Tel: 01505 800 758

For more information on vacancies and volunteering opportunities contact Alison Berry: 01505 800758