Opportunities to achieve!

Youth Leadership Programme

Creating Opportunities to Achieve

The biggest Community Youth Leadership programme in the Garnock Valley.

This program is designed to teach new skills, gain new qualifications and use this to volunteer in their community.

Young people will meet every week over 3 months to work on your chosen project.

They will be working on  qualifications every week  and how this can be used out in the community.

Young people will be placed in a volunteer position out in the community, where you will be supervised by a staff member.

Volunteer Positions include:-

  • Sports Clubs
  • Working in primary schools leading play/ sports sessions
  • Create art installations for Holiday events
  • Cook and serve food at community events

Individuals will be able to apply all those new skills and knowledge in a practical situation – it might be a bit scary at the start to get involved but it will really build up confidence and help you make a difference in your community.